Customer Service Representatives

Interact with customers to provide information in response to inquiries about products and services and to handle and resolve complaints. Excludes individuals whose duties are primarily installation, sales, or repair.

Fast Facts

Hourly Pay
Entry Level: $12.02/hr
Median: $14.72/hr
Experienced: $18.79/hr

Current Employment
5,301 (2016)

Projected Employment
5,687 (2025)

Growth for Customer Service Representatives

2015 Jobs2025 JobsChange (2015-2025)% Change (2015-2025)

Industries Employing Customer Service Representatives

IndustryOccupation Jobs in Industry (2016)% of Occupation in Industry (2016)% of Total Jobs in Industry (2016)
Telemarketing Bureaus and Other Contact Centers 56010.6%33.2%
Direct Health and Medical Insurance Carriers 3155.9%14.6%
Temporary Help Services2003.8%2.3%
Insurance Agencies and Brokerages 1963.7%11.3%
Corporate, Subsidiary, and Regional Managing Offices 1733.3%3.4%

Occupational Tasks

  • Confer with customers by telephone or in person to provide information about products or services, take or enter orders, cancel accounts, or obtain details of complaints. 
  • Check to ensure that appropriate changes were made to resolve customers’ problems. 
  • Keep records of customer interactions or transactions, recording details of inquiries, complaints, or comments, as well as actions taken. 
  • Resolve customers’ service or billing complaints by performing activities such as exchanging merchandise, refunding money, or adjusting bills. 
  • Complete contract forms, prepare change of address records, or issue service discontinuance orders, using computers.