Electrical and Electronic Equipment Assemblers

Assemble or modify electrical or electronic equipment, such as computers, test equipment telemetering systems, electric motors, and batteries.

Fast Facts

Hourly Pay
Entry Level: $9.57/hr
Median: $12.22/hr
Experienced: $16.12/hr

Current Employment
1,227 (2016)

Projected Employment
1,156 (2025)

Growth for Electrical and Electronic Equipment Assemblers

2015 Jobs2025 JobsChange (2015-2025)% Change (2015-2025)

Industries Employing Electrical and Electronic Equipment Assemblers

IndustryOccupation Jobs in Industry (2016)% of Occupation in Industry (2016)% of Total Jobs in Industry (2016)
Motor and Generator Manufacturing15512.6%24.8%
Temporary Help Services1199.7%1.4%
Other Electronic Component Manufacturing937.6%20.5%
Other Motor Vehicle Parts Manufacturing917.4%3.9%
Computer Terminal and Other Computer Peripheral Equipment Manufacturing736.0%9.3%

Occupational Tasks

  • Read and interpret schematic drawings, diagrams, blueprints, specifications, work orders, or reports to determine materials requirements or assembly instructions.
  • Assemble electrical or electronic systems or support structures and install components, units, subassemblies, wiring, or assembly casings, using rivets, bolts, soldering or micro-welding equipment.
  • Adjust, repair, or replace electrical or electronic component parts to correct defects and to ensure conformance to specifications.
  • Position, align, or adjust workpieces or electrical parts to facilitate wiring or assembly.
  • Explain assembly procedures or techniques to other workers.